Double Attack Blackjack Rules

Double attack blackjack is quite a unique variation of blackjack. Though the game is based mainly on the standard rules of blackjack, the game does offer many twists and some interesting rules in the game which makes it a very exciting game for the players.

Double attack blackjack is an interesting variation of blackjack which is mainly found in the casinos in Atlantic City. The game is dealt from a Spanish shoe. This means that the decks which are used in double attack blackjack have 48 cards without the tens, just like in Spanish 21. The other picture cards are still retained in the deck. Mostly, double attack blackjack is played with six or with eight decks and is quite popular today in Atlantic City as well as in many online casinos.

Double attack blackjack

There are several differences between normal blackjack and double attack blackjack. The main difference is that double attack blackjack is not played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Instead, a Spanish deck of 48 cards is used without the 10s.

Another big difference is right at the beginning of the game. The players will have to place the bets and then the dealer would then begin to deal the cards to all the players. After the first card has been dealt, which would be the up card of the dealer, and before the other cards are dealt to the players, the player would have an option known as double attack.

What this means is that the players can raise the initial bet up to an amount equal to the original bet. Later on, when the player decides to splits the pairs, he/she would also have to match the new double attack bet. Also, when the player decides doubles down later, he/she would only have to double up the original wager. Any player who surrenders would be able to get half of the double attack bet.

After the players have placed this double attack bet, the dealer would then deal two cards. Based on the card of the dealer and the two cards dealt to the player, the decision on taking insurance, doubling down, splitting or standing will then have to be done. Once done, the dealer would then reveal the hole card after that the winner would be determined.

Basic rules of double attack blackjack

  • The game is played through a 48 card deck
  • The dealer would have to stand on a soft 17
  • The dealer can also peak for blackjack after insurance is taken by the player.
  • The insurance payout is five to two
  • After splitting too the player can double down
  • The aces can only be split once and then an additional card would be dealt.
  • All the other pairs can be split up to 3 or four hands, depending on the specific casino rules.
  • The blackjack would pay even money.
  • The players can surrender or double down at any time even after the player splits.
  • Re-doubling is not allowed.

Blackjack Variations

Blackjack Variations

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