Las Vegas Strip Blackjack

Las Vegas strip blackjack is quite similar to the normal blackjack game except for a few important rule changes. Players who do know how to play normal blackjack would not find it very difficult to understand learn Las Vegas Strip blackjack variation. There are a few rule changes which are still quite easy to understand and implement.

Since blackjack is such a popular game, there are dozens of different variations available online and even in land based casinos today. Las Vegas strip blackjack is just one of those variations.

This particular variation had been named after the legendary Vegas strip where the best casinos in the world exist. This particular variation of the game is mostly played in some of the casinos in Las Vegas. It is a good way of enjoying a slightly different method of playing and can be a refreshing change from the regular game of blackjack.

Las Vegas strip blackjack rules

Las Vegas strip blackjack, as well as other blackjack variations (Bonus Blackjack or Super Fun 21 for example) is not too different than the regular game of blackjack. The game can be found at almost all online casinos today.

There are a few differences in the rules which are discussed below:

  • The dealer would always check the hand for a blackjack and they would always stand on a 17.
  • Also, when the player splits aces, the player would be given a card with a value of ten but it wouldn't count as a blackjack.
  • Once the player has split aces in their hand, he/she would not be able to split them again.
  • If the aces have been split, only one card can be received and the hand would have to automatically stand no matter what card is received.
  • The player can split a total of three times in one hand for a total of four hands.
  • Any cards with a value of ten can be split which means that if the player has a Queen and a King, the player can split that hand too.
  • The player can double down on any of the first 2 cards which have been dealt.
  • The bet for double down should be equal to the original bet placed.
  • When the player splits a hand, he/she cannot double down except when the aces have been split. At that point once extra card would be dealt.
  • If the dealer has an ace, the player can opt for getting an insurance for the hand before playing the hand.
  • If the player decides to split the hand than any insurance on that hand would be automatically lost in the game.

These were the basic rules of Las Vegas Strip Blackjack which the player would have to understand before playing it at the casinos. It is important not to mix up the rules of this game with traditional blackjack since it could result in to some avoidable losses. In this particular variation of the game, splitting takes place quite often so the players would have to be ready to bet a lot.

Blackjack Variations

Blackjack Variations

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