Super Fun 21 Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most loved table games in casinos. The game had been originally played in France in the form of different games like Vingt et un where the rules were quite similar to the blackjack that we known of today.

In blackjack, the players have to make relatively few decisions and the basic rules and strategies of blackjack are not very complicated. It is possible for new players to understand the basic rules of the game because of which it has become so famous with the players from all over the world.

Today, blackjack can be found in all the casinos all over the world as well as on the online casinos. However, players are always looking for something new. There are dozens of interesting variations of the game, like European Blackjack and Atlantic City Blackjack for example, which can be found in the casinos and which are quite interesting for the players.

Super fun 21 blackjack

Super Fun 21 blackjack is just what its name suggests, super fun! It is a variation of blackjack but the rules are quite different. Also, in the Nevada casinos the game might not even be called blackjack at all. There are several players who approach the game just like they would approach a single deck blackjack game but doing this can be quite wrong since there are significant differences between the two. Though the mechanics of both the games is quite similar, there are a few rule variations which make the game very unique.

Rules of super fun 21

Given below are the basic rules of super fun 21 blackjack:

  • Super fun 21 is played usually with a single deck. However, some casinos might also use two decks.
  • The dealer would hit a soft 17
  • The players are allowed to double down on any number of their cards.
  • They can also split the pairs including their aces up to 4 times.
  • The players can opt for late surrender even after doubling down, splitting or hitting on any number of cards.
  • The player whose hand totals 20 or less with 6 or more cards would automatically win.
  • Any player who has a total of 21 with five or more cards would be paid 2 to 1 except after doubling down.
  • A natural blackjack of the player would always win even against a dealer blackjack.

Even money blackjack

One of the biggest differences between standard blackjack and super fun 21 is that all the natural blackjacks would be paid even money instead of 3 to 2 which is found in the traditional game. only when the blackjack is in diamonds would the payout be 2 to 1. What this means is that the player can expect to get paid even money for 15 blackjacks out of 16.

Also, with these rules of natural blackjacks and because the dealer would hit a soft 17, the house edge would be 1.16% for a single deck game. In a double deck game, the house edge would be at 1.30%.

Blackjack Variations

Blackjack Variations

It is exciting to play blackjack online though sometimes you want to try something new of course: different blackjack variations given here and at will help to solve this problem for every gambler.

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Blackjack Variations

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