Switch Blackjack Strategy

Switch Blackjack is an interesting variation of blackjack where the player can do what is never allowed in standard blackjack, trading cards between the player's two hands. The player will have to make two equal sized bets and can then switch the second card which is dealt to each hand. However, in return for this advantage, the dealer 22 is considered a push and the blackjacks would pay even money.

The game of Switch Blackjack is fast becoming quite popular with players everywhere because of its some unique rules of switching the cards between the hands. Today there are several online casinos which offer this game in order to lure players.

The switching strategy

In blackjack switch, the decision of whether or not to switch the cards is mostly quite obvious mainly in cases where switching would provide a good advantage. The complete strategy for switching the cards would be a little complex to understand for basic players. In most cases, the thumb rule is to choose an option which allows players to form a single best hand.

However, in many such cases the player would lose by trying to form one good hand. Sometimes it is better to break up a natural hand by just switching the cards like in the case of 3-8 against dealer's 7,8 or a nine. The right strategy for switching the cards between the hands would depend on the card of the dealer in the hand.

Strategy after switching the hands

In blackjack switch, the decision that the player has to take does not end with just switching the cards, in fact, the most important decisions have to be made after the cards have been switched. Compared to the normal blackjack game, in switch there are lesser instances when splitting or doubling would be helpful. This difference is because of the push rule in this game.

Hard totals

  • For hard totals of 5 through 8, the best thing to do is to hit. Even with a hard total of 9 it is always better to hit unless the dealer's card is a 6.
  • For hard totals 10 and 11 it is best to double up against the dealer's 2 through 9.
  • For hard totals 14 to 16, it is advisable to stand against the dealer's 2 through 6.
  • In the rest of the cases when the hard total is 17 to 20, it is best to just stand.

Soft totals

  • When the player has an A-2 or an A-4, the best thing to do is to hit and the same goes for A-5 unless the dealer has a 6.
  • For A-7, double against dealer's 5 or 6 otherwise just stand.
  • For A-8 and A-9 always stand.

Like already discussed earlier, in blackjack switch, it does not really make much sense to split the pairs during the game. However, this might depend on the individual situations but it is always better to not split and instead just hit.

This was the basic strategy for blackjack switch which will take some practice for the players to make it perfect.

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Blackjack Variations

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