Game of Blackjack - Pontoon

Since Pontoon is a total mathematics game of blackjack, it is possible to reduce the house edge quite significantly with the help of strategies. The probabilities behind every hand are quite complicated to understand but there is a basic strategy which can be followed in this game of blackjack which makes it possible to win quite significantly in pontoon.

Hard hands

  • Always hit on hands from 4 through 8 and 12.
  • On hands of nine, always hit unless the dealer shows a 6.
  • On hands of ten, the player should double if the dealer shows four, five or six.
  • On hands with 13, always hit unless you have four or more cards. Also, when the player has four or more cards it is possible to hit against 6, 7 or 8.
  • On hands of 14, if you have four or more cards you should stand. If you have five cards or more you should also stand if the dealer shows a five.
  • On hands where you have a total of 15, you should always hit unless the dealer is showing a two. If you have four cards or more then, you should hit otherwise always stand.
  • Against three or four, you must always stand unless you have more than five cards. Also, against a five or six, you should stand unless you have six cards.
  • On hands worth 16 you must always hit unless the dealer shows two and if you have five cards you must stand. Against three or four you must stand unless you have six cards. Against five or six you should always stand.
  • On hands worth 17, you must always stand unless the dealer shows eight, nine or ten. But if you do have six cards you should hit. Against an ace, you should always hit.

Soft hands

  • With soft hands 12 through 17, you should always hit.
  • On soft hands of 18 you should always stand unless the dealer shows hands 2 through 7 or 7 but if you have four or more cards you should hit. Also, if the dealer shows a 7 you should stand but hit if you have six cards.
  • If you have a 19, you should stand unless the dealer reveals an ace or a ten.


  • When you have pairs of 2 and 3, always pair.
  • On pairs of four you should always hit.
  • With pairs of 5 you should double if the dealer reveals 2 through 8.
  • With a pair of 6, you should hit if the player has two, three, seven-Ace.
  • With a pair of 7, you should split if the dealer shows 2 through 6.
  • With a pair of 8 you should always split unless the dealer has an ace. In case of an ace you should stand.
  • With a pair of nine, you should stand only when the dealer has a 2, 7, ten or an Ace.
  • When you have a pair of aces you should always split them.

The well-known Wizard of Odds also does not forget about the rules and strategies of Pontoon game: he widely describes the whole Pontoon strategy in a simple manner, understandable for every gambler.

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